About this Blog

How it all began

During summer ’17, spending my vacation at Lake Garda, I started reading more and more business and mindset related books. Not really because I was a big fan of books at this time, it was more because I had this one book at home which I received as a gift more or less two years before. I’m even not sure if it was a birthday or Christmas gift. Maybe you know this feeling: untouched books in your living room, starring at you every single day and saying “I am much more than decoration! Read me! Now!”

It was this book – “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman – which inspired me to read many more books! I still can remember how I was impressed by the broad knowledge and experience of the author. It was so interesting and entertaining at the same time.

Good that I made a photo! Lake Garda – summer ’17.

Value Reading

After this vacation, I really developed a passion for reading. Business books, biographies, or books about psychological stuff… I started buying every book I was interested in. I even bought so many books that I switched to used books since my hobby became too expensive.

Now, after telling a bit about myself, I hope you’ll enjoy reading the little summaries I publish here. If you like my blog, I am happy to receive your feedback via email.


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