Episode#53 – The Tools

The Tools

by Phil Stutz & Barry Michels


The book in one sentence

Love to get uncomfortable, be your own inner authority and live in the present.


My personal opinion

Another book we chose to read at the Beekeeper Book Club!

Actually, I am not sure if I like “The Tools” or not and I’ll try to explain why.

On the one hand there are some interesting ideas about how to approach life, dealing with tough situations and developing personal strength and resilience. Therefore I want to highlight two of the “tools” which are introduced in the book.

The Reversal of Desire – Love the Pain! Not physical pain of course. It is about leaving one’s comfort zone in order to grow as a person. And to do exactly that you need to do the things you are currently avoiding. The avoidance comes typically from the imagination what can go wrong and that it is safer to stick with your current behaviour. But you need to change your mind about such situations: you need to love the pain and just do it!

This tool includes an example which I can resonate with: avoiding to make decision which would make others unhappy. But I am working on that! Not on making others unhappy but the decision-making part… 😉

What are the things where you are avoiding the pain?

Find Confidence and inner Authority – In today’s world this is a pretty important point. As you will see in the section about my take-aways from this book, we are getting bombarded with marketing messages which are telling us that we need to buy this and that to be accepted by the society.

As a school kid I thought it was important to wear popular brands, having the newest phone and stuff to be accepted by other pupils. Looking back I can only smile about that.

The tool by Stutz and Michels is to become your own inner authority. Something which you cannot learn early enough in life!

Explaining each of the tools followed by real life examples and situations makes the book easy and entertaining to read. Especially the different examples are really helpful to adapt it to one’s own situation and create a broader perspective where you can use these “mind games”.

But there were as well parts in the book which I did not resonate that much with. Stutz talks in the beginning and even more in the end of the book about the higher forces which you can connect with using the tools. Since there are for sure different point of views about such a topic I do not want to get into it here. For me personally it was difficult to follow these thoughts and I think in the end it was a little too much about the “higher forces”.


To whom I would recommend this book

If you are going through tough times “The Tools” can be a starting point gathering new (will)power.


What I learned from this book

  • “A new attitude means nothing unless followed by a change in behaviour.”
  • Staying in your comfort zone helps you to avoid painful situations but as the saying goes: “No pain, no gain!”
  • “The Comfort Zone is supposed to keep your life safe, but what it really does is keep your life small.”
  • The wish for instant gratification stops us from putting in the necessary effort to establish change in our behaviour.
  • “Love the pain!”
  • Connecting with others creates opportunities.
  • “The advertisement industry spends billions of dollars each year – all of it preying on our need for acceptance. Every advertisement boils down to a simple message: if you buy our product you’ll be accepted, loved, part of the in-crowd […] This reinforces our belief that self-worth can be acquired in the same way we purchase a house or a car.”
  • Be grateful for what you already have.
  • The first success will give you the illusion that you’re already mastered your profession. “But reality hasn’t changed. [You] need the tools even more than before.”
  • “We like to think of ourselves as finished products – complete on our own. We’re not.” We have to put in constant effort, investing in ourselves.
  • Time is limited: “It’s this awareness that creates the urgency that triggers unwavering willpower.”


Want to read this book?

Check it out on Amazon.com – The Tools by Phil Stutz & Barry Michels



Thanks to the publisher for printing such a great book!