Episode#40 – Herzenssache Kunde

Herzenssache Kunde

by Edgar K. Geffroy


The book in one sentence

Develop the right sales attitude, create relationships and provide value to your clients.


My personal opinion

First published in 2015, Edgar K. Geffroy wrote a State-of-the-Art book about the sales. The book focuses on the attitude you have to establish as a sales professional, as a company, in order to become successful. And success starts with your clients.

In the beginning of the book Geffroy gives an overview of today’s complex and always evolving markets. He underlines how the digital age changed the way how supply and demand come together. With that, we face continuously evolving customer expectations.

To keep up with these increasing expectations you have to evolve yourself. Geffroy calls it Clienting. Business, especially B2B, is more than ever based on relationships. To become the trusted advisor of your clients and future-clients you have to provide value, means relevant insights and high quality communication. If you are known as a source of trusted advice your clients will call you first before tackling new projects.

Therefore you need the best sales professionals in your team and you need to keep them. Geffroy says “Employee first, client second.” The success of your team is based on the quality of your individual sales professionals.

Herzenssache Kunde is not a book about concrete sales techniques or specific wordings you can use for your presentations. It is more a bird’s eye view on sales in the beginning of the 21st century.


To whom I would recommend this book

Herzenssache Kunde is a good starting point if you are just about to start your B2B sales career. The content is no rocketsience, but a helpful summary before you make a deep dive into more technique-focused books like Zig Ziglar’s Der Totale Verkaufserfolg, SPIN Selling or  SNAP Selling. The right attitude comes before the techniques.


What I learned from this book

  • In today’s world, we are not selling products anymore, we are improving the life of our clients.
  • Your customer experience and service needs to be better than the CURRENT average. Be outstanding. Be special. Be innovative in the way how you treat your customers. Surprise them and overdeliver on their expectations.
  • Customer expectations are always evolving. Change is necessary to keep up with them!
  • Become agile in your sales and customer service teams.
  • How can you learn more about customer expectations? Just ask them. Work together with them. Show your customers that you care about them.
  • Sales is more than ever based on trusted relationships.
  • Give and take.
  • Improve the life of your customer and your customer’s customer.
  • Only happy employees can make happy clients.
  • Do not give up to early. Studies show that you need in average seven touchpoints with a future-client. Always provide value in your communication: industry insights, best practices, technology trends…
  • Be efficient in the way how you communicate, be straight to the point.
  • In today’s complex world, clients welcome trusted advisors. Do not forget: you have to be trusted and provide valuable advice.


Want to read this book?

Check it out on Amazon.com – Herzenssache Kunde by Edgar K. Geffroy



Thanks to the publisher for printing such a great book!

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