Episode#37 – Crossing The Chasm

Crossing The Chasm

by Geoffrey A. Moore


The book in one sentence

Geoffrey A. Moore explains how you can successfully market your product along the Technology Adoption Life Cycle.


My personal opinion

For sure, this is a must-read book for everyone working in a high-tech market. Crossing The Chasm is described as “the bible for bringing cutting-edge products to larger markets.” I totally agree with this statement! If you have a sales or marketing role, representing innovative products, you will love this book.

I was really excited reading this book since you can learn a lot about the technology adoption patterns of humans. At its core, Crossing The Chasm is about the Technology Adoption Life Cycle. Geoffrey A. Moore describes how Innovators, Early Adopters, the Early Majority, the Late Majority and Laggards have different patterns and characteristics in getting in touch with new technologies.

For example, these different groups have individual personal motivations. Early adopters are most of the time eager to make fast progress in their career. Therefore they are looking for creating the next break-through in their industry. They are looking for technology which helps them to make a leap in their performance. In order to achieve outstanding results they are more open to take risks.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with the Early Majority, it is much more important to already have an industry footprint and industry-specific references. The Early Majority want to make sure that they are not the first one who will try this approach. They are more risk averse in making decisions.

For each group Geoffrey A. Moore presents a lot of information. You will get a deep understanding how you can identify their position in the Technology Adoption Life Cycle and how you can support them to make a decision.

This book has a great impact on my work as a sales professional. Now, for me it is much more important to understand very early in the sales cycle to which group my clients or future-clients belong to. This helps me to make my questions and the information I prepare for meetings specific to their adoption patterns. Having said that, I only can recommend you to take a look at this book!


To whom I would recommend this book

“Crossing The Chasm” is a great book for everyone working in high-tech markets or at innovative companies. Especially if you have a sales or marketing related responsibility, this book will help you to understand the characteristics of the different buying groups.


What I learned from this book

  • People have different characteristics in moving to new technologies.
  • You have to demonstrate a “strategic leap forward” by adopting your new product in order to get beyond the technology enthusiasts.
  • Selling to the different groups require individual approaches. Understanding this is critical in growing adoption.
  • Focus on getting references in the early phases. You will need them to convince the Early Majority later.
  • Listen to your Innovators: “They make great critics because they truly care.” In case of product issues, it is key to communicate in an open way “without any tricks.”
  • “As a class, Visionaries tend to be recent entrants to the executive ranks, highly motivated, and driven by a dream. The core of the dream is a business goal, not a technology goal […]. It also involves a high degree of personal recognition and reward.”
  • Pragmatists value industry-specific content, they want to see you at industry-specific conferences and events, having articles in the newsletter and blogs they have subscribed to. Additionally, pragmatists will recognize whether you have an ecosystem for your offering.
  • “There is no shame in switching […] if your first choice is not bearing proper fruit.”


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