Episode#33 – Nicht gekauft hat er schon

Nicht gekauft hat er schon

by Martin Limbeck


The book in one sentence

The sales mindset of Martin Limbeck: his believes, his motivation, his techniques.


My personal opinion

This is one of the most entertaining sales books I read so far! If you know Martin Limbeck you will understand why. If not, take a look at YouTube.

His book is so funny that I had to smile and laugh several times. And on top of all the entertainment you get great ideas and best practices to become a successful and happy sales professional.

Martin Limbeck is energizing and positive minded. I like his character, his way of talking which you can “feel” reading his book. He is straight to the point and honest. His many personal stories make the book very authentic and exciting. I think I read the book on one or two evenings because it was such a fun to read.


To whom I would recommend this book

If you are looking for a sales book you can read in the evening after work, to refresh your knowledge and enforce your motivation but which is as entertaining as watching Netflix then take a look at “Nicht gekauft hat er schon”.

I really enjoyed reading this book!


What I learned from this book

  • If you are 100% convinced that your offering is the best for your future-client, then go for the sale!
  • First, doing business is always something emotional. Second, we will find rational reasons why we made a decision.
  • People want to work with winners. So be a winner!
  • Doing business is “give” and “take”.
  • Always be honest.
  • There are so funny statements in this book which I will not translate. Martin Limbeck on giving up after the first “No” you got from your future-client: “Aufgeben? Aufgeben können Sie höchstens ein Paket oder einen Brief.” – be polite and persistent. Do not give up to early.
  • Work on your cold calling skills. If you can sell via the phone you can sell through every channel.
  • Sales is when both parties make a profit. – great attitude!
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Learn from your failures.
  • Be professional and friendly under all circumstances.
  • Stay hungry. Hungry for success.
  • Do not become average.
  • What counts is the result, not the activities.


Want to read this book?

Check it out on Amazon.com – Nicht gekauft hat er schon by Martin Limbeck



Thanks to the publisher for printing such a great book!