Episode#9 – machen


by the mymuesli founders Hubertus Bessau, Philipp Kraiss and Max Wittrock


The book in one sentence

If you have a dream – in which you believe, which you want to come true – then just do it!


My personal opinion

I am a great fan of cereals – the book of the mymuesli founders was a must-read! Hehe.

In our data-focussed time, a company like mymuesli is impressive. You read a lot about internet startups, building mobile apps, designing the next platform – well, more or less working with information, data, developing a more or less virtual product.

mymuesli is different. Mymuesli is dealing with real goods, with food. Food which needs to grow, which loses its quality if you cannot bring it to your customers at the right time. You need the logistics and production machine to mix all the different kinds of mueslis. Having this big challenge in mind, the book “machen” is a great story.

The book itself is written in a very entertaining style. Often, I had the feeling of being right next to the three founders when they were facing a difficult situation. The structure of the book is divided into lifecycle phases: like the startup phase, marketing, hiring or opening the first stores.

Within each chapter the founders include their biggest learnings and highlight them as “aha!”. Pretty good, I think! The book is designed to learn! At the end of every chapter they refer to some interesting literature, which helped them to dive into certain topics. As a book lover looking for new recommendations this is amazing! I ordered a lot of the featured books.


To whom I would recommend this book

From my point of view there are especially two groups of people who can really benefit from the mymuesli experience “machen”.

Young graduates: the three founders are very honest. They describe in a very open way which situations they faced, what the challenge was, how they reacted and whether their approach led to a good or bad result. You will understand that life is all about learning. And “Doing”, of course!

To-be-Entrepreneurs: if you plan to start your own business, “machen” is a very motivating story. This book is one more overview of what is necessary to build your own company.


What I learned from this book

  • Train your brain to think in opportunities and new business models. Get used to this kind of thinking.
  • Work as a team and split responsibilities. You will evaluate your ideas much faster.
  • Founding a company in a smaller city can be a huge advantage in the early stages: less distraction, lower costs for rent and living, less risk of losing the good team members to other companies, more local attention. Be aware of the disadvantages: recruiting can be tough, less exchange with other founders.
  • Involve your potential customers as early as possible. Their feedback is crucial for the ongoing product development. It will be intense but worth it!
  • Talk in public about what you are doing.
  • “Underpromise, overdeliver.”
  • Understand and focus on the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)!
  • Communicate! Involve your team early in strategic decisions.
  • Be open with your failures and learnings in front of your team.


Want to read this book?

Check it out on Amazon.com – machen by the mymuesli founders Hubertus Bessau, Philipp Kraiss and Max Wittrock



Thanks to the publisher for printing such a great book!

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