Hello world!

So, here it is: my new project Hendrik’s Books!

As you may already read on the About this Blog page, this is a project I had in my mind for quiet some months now. And here it is! I am very exited and happy that you stop by and say hello!

Reading “Work Rules!” by Laszlo Bock and drinking fresh orange juice.

Marker pens and Self-stick notes

Over the next weekends I will prepare some more summaries about the books I read so far. That’s the good thing when you always read with a marker pen and self-stick notes: it will really speed up the whole process.

When I started to develop a passion for reading, I did not want to make notes in my books. But then I realised, without marks, it will not work for me. There are way to many interesting thoughts inside these books that I needed to find a solution which enabled me to find the most interesting parts very quick. And as you can see, the solution is pretty easy.

Books are forever

Well you could say now, that in this condition I will not be able to sell these books in the future. Yes, probably. But from my point of view I would be dumb to give away these entertaining and intense packages of experience and knowledge!

Every book I read so far is worth reading twice. And the great thing is, with every new experience I make myself, my books tell me new stories. Most of these books have so much content, that you cannot understand the big picture by reading them only one time.

Enjoying a new book on the balcony.

So, maybe I will edit some of my summaries from time to time. Who knows…

For now, I am very happy if you find some value in my summaries.


All the best,


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